5 Ways to Keep the Love Flame Alive

How strong is your love flame for your significant other? Is it full of flames or is it barely lit?

No matter how strong your love flame may be, it is important to strive to keep it glowing bright. Let’s keep your love flame alive and help it grow stronger every day.

Below are 5 ways to ways to keep the love flame alive.

5 Ways to Keep the Love Flame Alive

1. Take time for each other. It is very important to spend time together. Just as I said in my take time for us post, it can be simple as taking time at the end of the day to do something together, such as watching your favorite show. My husband and I enjoy watching shows such as Stranger Things or old episodes of The Office.

2. Surprise each other. Buy a gift or do something special for your significant other. It doesn’t have to be a holiday or birthday for you to do something special. It can be any time of the year. Once my husband surprised me by going outside while our girls were asleep and starting a fire for us. We were able to relax outside together and enjoy the fire. It was something simple, but it was perfect.

3. Tell them you love them. This may be common sense, but it is very important to tell your significant other every day that you love them. Your significant other may already know that you love them, but it is always nice to hear those three special words. I tell my husband every day that I love him and he does the same to me.

4. Show them that you care. Your significant other may know that you care, but showing it makes it mean even more special. Help them with a problem they may have or just be there for them when they need someone to talk to or a shoulder to cry on. There are times/days that I may feel overwhelmed with our house or kids and my husband is there for me whenever I need to speak how I’m feeling. He is encouraging to me and makes me feel better.

5. Give them a massage without expecting one in return. Rub your significant other’s neck, shoulders, and back. Their muscles may be sore from stress or just the daily grid. Sometimes they may not ask for a massage, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t need it. A simple massage can be what they needed to help them relax and relieve their sore muscles.

What ways are you going to keep your love flame alive? How are you going to make it stronger? Act today! Do something that will show your significant other that you love them.

Do you need more ideas on keeping your love flame alive? Check out this article, 9 Ways Happy Couples Keep the Flame Alive Over Many Years, on Huffpost.

This post is part of a post series called True Love, which is on the subject of love. I’ll talk about loving yourself and others to ways to making yourself a better person.

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