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Home Sweet Home

I’m sitting here trying to come up with something to write on the subject of home. But the thing is I’m not inspired. So I just start to write.

What do I want to write? What do I want to share with you? I have several drafts on the subject of home, but I’m not ready to write more on those posts.

I thought about sharing about something in my home, some organized space, etc. but I’m not ready for that too. We just had a birthday party this weekend for our daughter Sophia’s 5th birthday. So party decorations and supplies are in the living room, dining room, and kitchen.

I haven’t bought anything new for my home as far as decor, besides holiday items from Valentine’s Day. I’ve bought baskets for my girls’ room to help organize it, but I have few more final touches to do before I share that post. I want to share a toy rotation in my main living area, but I’m in the process of figuring out what will work for my house.

In the middle of writing about not knowing what to write, I thought of a phrase and it inspired me. Isn’t that how it goes? Just a single phrase.

Home sweet home.

When you think of that phrase, what do you think of?

Below are 3 possible reasons to think of when I hear home sweet home.

3 Reasons for a Home Sweet Home

1. A perfect house? My home isn’t always perfect. It’s kind of hard with kids. But that’s okay. All that matters is I do my best to keep up on the house. I know that not every room is going to be perfect all at once. This is a picture from couple years ago. Sometimes my house is like this. Toys by the TV, toys all over the radiator cover, toys usually all over the floor, etc. And don’t mind the hole in the wall and ceiling. That’s not perfect either (and still isn’t).

2. A house filled with loved ones? My house is more home when my husband and girls are in it. When I’m by myself in my house, it’s doesn’t seem the same. Although I enjoy the break by myself, I need family time. I need my husband. I need my girls. The picture below is from our family vacation in Minneapolis, MN back in October. There was a Fuller House display in the Mall of America. The picture of our girls is a picture my husband took in his photography studio in December.

3. Enjoying life in your home? Besides being in your house doing whatever you need to do in your home, you need to have enjoyable moments. Those enjoyable moments are even better when spent with family. Moments such as baking together, playing games, watching a movie together, etc. This weekend, my husband and I played couple board games with our girls. On Friday, Katie wanted to play her Hatchimal game (Sophia was spending time with Grandma). We played couple games and it was fun laughing together while we played (and I lost both times). On Saturday, after Sophia came back home from spending the night at Grandma’s, we played Candy Land. We let Sophia go first since it was her birthday weekend. We told her she had birthday powers since she won the game in about 4-5 moves. Those moments is what I cherish.

What inspires you? What do you think of when you hear home sweet home?

What are you working on in your home? What do you need inspiration on? What are you going to be doing with your family to have some enjoyable moments?

This post is part of a post series called For the Home, which is on the subject of home. I’ll talk about any remodeling/decorating of my house to tips to help you get your house organized to decorating tips to featuring home bloggers.

20 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Having lived the apartment live before getting our house many years ago home was a place that was ours. We didn’t need to move, worry about nails, paint, etc. We could choose what to do. Perfection is overrated, but the ability to choose is a freedom I really do enjoy.

    1. We had an apartment too for a little bit when we first got married. We bought a house when I was pregnant with our oldest daughter. We needed more space. But I do agree that it was nice not having to deal with certain problems in the apartment – someone else got to do that.

  2. I’ve just moved home and I love that it’s already looking and feeling like our own. My kids settled immediately which was a surprise. Home is where the heart is after all ❤️

  3. Home sweet home, I am away and can’t wait to go home and see my loved ones, my kitchen and my bedroom.

  4. I agree that houses are never perfect. Mine is NEVER clean. But it is filled with those I love and we have fun. That is what makes it home.

  5. When I think of home its not a picture perfect house. It’s one that is messy and lived in! That’s what a home is supposed to be about. My “home” is an apartment with my dog, until I visit my parents, then that’s home too.

  6. I know exactly how you feel. I do NOT have a blog worthy home at all and I have LOTS of animals but its my home and I love it. I love the comfy it is and its full of loving and laughing people. Thank you for sharing this and reminding me that I dont need a blog worthy home to make it MY home.

  7. A home is what you make of it. Everyone’s definition is different. It’s important to embrace it!

  8. We are currently living in one of our investments properties while we’re working on that dream home. There are so many times I’ve said I’ve wanted to get out of here but at the end of the day I am so thankful to have a roof over my head, love to come to, and a space to call my own. Thank you for sharing this! Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  9. To me Home Sweet Home means a place I can relax and be comfortable. Right now we are finishing up kitchen remodel project. I waited 17 years for the kitchen of my dreams and we are almost there! My husband did everything from complete demo, installing new cabinets, putting down new flooring, installing double ovens and giving me a wall of pantries. I am so excited!

  10. Home sweet home means safety, security, belonging, ease, fun and love. We can all use love and peace. We are working on filling the house right now with babies:)

  11. Your home is a beautiful place — even if it never looks like all those staged pics on Pinterest or “pretty!” Thanks for sharing your thoughts on home — it makes me more appreciative of my home too!

  12. When I think of Home Sweet Home I think of your home being a refuge, a safe harbor from the storms of life. So whatever that looks like for you–for some people it might look spotless and organized because that means calm and order, for others it might mean little messes everywhere because that means the dwelling is well loved and well lived in.

  13. I am always trying to find the balance between allowing my babies to have fun and enjoy their home and keeping things organized too! One thing we are doing recently to help with the toy chaos is to put certain toys up high in the closet, and items can be brought down one at a time when needed. It helps some! 😉

    1. Oh me too! I’m always changing things up to try to make my life easier. I like the idea of having toys up high. I have some of their toys in the basement since I got tired of the mess in the living room and their bedroom.

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