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Spring Floral Artwork

Do you have any paintings or pictures in your home that brings the feeling of Spring into your home?

I have my Spring floral painting in my home, which I first shared a glimpse of in my Spring is in the Kitchen post.

I first starting painting again in the beginning of this year when I painted my heart artwork I displayed in my living room for Valentine’s Day. I had so much fun painting my artwork.

I had one more blank canvas and wanted to paint a Spring artwork for my home. I knew I wanted to paint three different flowers in different colors. I looked up flowers to decide on what design I was going to paint.

I originally was going to paint at night one day after my girls went to bed, but my youngest daughter, Elizabeth, had a hard time falling asleep that night. So I decided to paint on a Saturday afternoon.



I started out by painting the same amount of flowers in each color. Then added more flowers to fill in any empty spaces. I decided to leave the background white since I loved how clean the overall painting looked. I didn’t want the painting to get to busy with another color.




What do you think of my Spring floral artwork?

This post is part of a post series called For the Home, which is on the subject of home. I’ll talk about any remodeling/decorating of my house to tips to help you get your house organized to decorating tips to featuring home bloggers.

15 thoughts on “Spring Floral Artwork

  1. I love florals. This is so pretty and I like the size you used for the flowers. It makes the pattern pop once they are on there together. Great job!

  2. Beautiful floral artwork! I love it and it seems simple to do 🙂 I’m going to give it a try and I’ll let you know I do!

  3. This is so elegant, and it’s something that even I could paint. 😉 Thank you for this idea, I think I need to go dig up my paints!

  4. This is so great! They came out so nice and they were great and! I highly doubt mine would look so nice.

  5. I wish I had one artistic bone in my body but I don’t. I’m afraid my flowers would turn our nothing like yours! ha!

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