Fun Questions…Silly Answers from Kids

Do you ever ask your kids questions and their responses are really funny?

I love asking my girls questions every now and then to find out what their answers will be.

Today on the blog, we’re going to play a round of fun questions. I’ve asked my six year old, Katie, and five year old, Sophia a bunch of questions I found on an article on Parents on 50 Fun Questions to Get Your Kids Talking. I also asked few of my own questions. Katie and Sophia sure gave me some silly answers.

Below are some of the questions I’ve asked them and their responses.

1. Why do you love Mom and Dad?

  • Katie: because we go shopping for toys and you spend time with me
  • Sophia: because you buy me mac and cheese and because you let me play games

2. What character makes you laugh?

  • Katie: mother goose – she’s silly
  • Sophia: Elsa – when they cut the ice in Frozen (she would giggle at this scene ever since she was little)

3. If you opened up a store, what would you sell?

  • Katie: toys for kids and donuts (she wants to make donuts when she’s older)
  • Sophia: mac and cheese and hot chocolate (two of her favorite things)

4. What makes you feel loved?

  • Katie: playing games together with everyone (she loves playing her Hatchimal game)
  • Sophia: Grandma (she loves her Grandma)

5. How would you design a tree house?

  • Katie: tall and almost to outer space with a bedroom, living room and basement
  • Sophia: table and chairs with tea cups and mac and cheese bites

6. If you could make dinner for all of us, what would you cook?

  • Katie: salad with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, green beans, and dressing for Mom and Dad; mac and cheese for us
  • Sophia: hot dogs, watermelon, and noodles

7. What do you love doing in a fort?

  • Katie: pretend it’s a jungle and we all wear animal masks
  • Sophia: sleep in it at night (every once in awhile, I’ll let them sleep in their tent in their room)

8. If you took pictures like Daddy, what would you take pictures of?

  • Katie: whole house, whole world, outer space
  • Sophia: Daddy, mac and cheese, Grandma

9. What makes you so awesome?

  • Katie: playing with bubbles
  • Sophia: when I eat mac and cheese early in the morning (she’s had mac and cheese for breakfast couple times at Grandma’s house)

10. What’s your favorite things to do at school?

  • Katie: going in the mud, free choice to play with toys, picking a partner at math time, and library day to pick a new book
  • Sophia: play ball game to not let the ball fall off, put dress clothes on, play with baby dolls, and create art (flowers)

It was so much fun asking my girls all of these questions and some of their answers were pretty funny. As you can see, Sophia loves mac and cheese. I loved Katie’s answer to why she loves us.

Now it’s your turn to ask your kids these fun questions and find out what they’re going to say.

This post is part of a post series called Life of Parenthood, which is on the subject of parenting. I’ll talk about any adventures we have with our girls to motherhood experiences to fun and games for children to featuring mommy bloggers.

22 thoughts on “Fun Questions…Silly Answers from Kids

  1. enjoyed the series. Kids think simple and their life is so very sorted out. looks like Sophia is a Mac n Cheese Lover.

  2. Omg this had be cracking up! Your daughter really loves Mac and cheese lol. I teach kindergarten, so I get a lot of funny things told to me as well. Such as “my dad said not to let the girls see my muscles.” Lol!

  3. Oh my gosh- seriously how cute are those answers and those girls??! Love that they like mama because she spends time with them…and buys toys- my kids would say the same thing except the toy buying may be ranked first haha. I’m so going to do this with my littles! ❤ Jamie

  4. I love this! I would like to join them for a macaroni and cheese breakfast!
    Saturday Sharefest is so much fun!

  5. I love doing these questionnaires with my kiddos! The answers are so fun at the moment & looking back on 🙂 Thanks for the link in your post to things to get your kids talking. Conversation with our kids to create healthy relationships with them, great resource!

  6. We actually have a Facebook page devoted to all things Hayden (our youngest) to document his silliness! One of the posts recently went moderately viral and Hayden ended up on our local news touring the police station! He now thinks he if famous!!!

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