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Kids Night In Box: Day at the Farm

Do you love subscription boxes? Is there a box your kids would want to do every month?

I have a box that would be perfect for your kids! Kids Night In Box! What’s even more perfect is that more than one kid can have fun with the box.

Last month, I got the opportunity to work with Night In Box. My girls had a blast doing all the activities in their Kids Night In Box: Swimming Through the Sea.

I’m working with Kids Night In Box again this month. My girls were really excited when I told them another box was coming in the mail. The box arrived in the beginning of last week.

This month’s Kids Night In Box theme is Day at the Farm. This box is filled with lots of fun things on the farm. Kids will learn about different animals on the farm and will also do some fun activities to get them moving. By the end of the night, kids might be singing Old McDonald Had a Farm.


Opening Up the Box

As before, I let my girls open up the Kids Night In Box to check out what was inside. They got all excited when they saw everything. They pulled everything out of the box and tried the hats on.



Pig Bagels for Breakfast

Before we did anything in the box, that morning I made pig bagels for my oldest daughter, Katie. She is the only one who likes cream cheese. I took two pieces of mini bagels and spread strawberry cream cheese on top. I sliced couple strawberries lengthwise and used four slices for ears. I sliced a strawberry widthwise and used two slices for a nose. I added four blueberries for eyes and four chocolate chips for on top of each nose. Katie loved these and ate them all up.

Reading A Busy Day at the Farm Book

Now it was time to have some fun from the box. We started out by pulling out the book from the box, A Busy Day at the Farm by Doreen Cronin. Katie read us the book since she’s becoming a pro at reading. In the book, while the farmer is busy doing farm work, the farm animals are having fun. They are even going inside the farmer’s house to raid the fridge, take a bath, etc. My girls thought it was really funny seeing the sheep lift weights, the pigs doing ballet, the cows drinking tea, and the duck stealing the food to have a picnic with all the animals.



Make Egg Carton Farm Animals

My girls had lots of fun with this activity. There were plenty of egg cartons to make four different farm animals. Katie picked the pig, Sophia picked the duck, Elizabeth picked the sheep, and I picked the cow. We started out by gluing the two egg carton pieces together. Once that was dry, my girls painted their egg cartons. We added the eyes, nose, and ears onto the carton once the paint was dry. Each animal turned out really cute and we have them displayed on our built-in bookshelf in our living room. Elizabeth likes to point at them and say who’s animal is who’s.





Farm Animal Yoga Time

The box came with a set of cards to do some yoga poses. There were certain moves for the cat, pig, duck, etc. Katie really enjoyed doing the yoga poses with me since she has done yoga with me in the past. Sophia liked it too, but was having a little trouble doing some of the moves. I think that of her problem was that she was getting tired from waking up early that morning. So we took a little break to play outside.




Snack Time

After dinner, we had snack time before bed. We made lemonade and poured it into our glasses. Just like when the farm animals drank lemonade for their picnic in the book we read. The box also came with animal crackers. I bought chocolate pudding to be the mud for the animals. My girls loved dipping their animals crackers into the pretend mud and eating the crackers and chocolate pudding.


Create your Sticker Farm Scene

We finished the activities in the box couple days later after school since Elizabeth got really sick on Monday and Tuesday. My girls got to use the stickers that was included in the book to create their own farm scene. They had lots of fun using the stickers of the animals from the book.


Farm Animal Hoedown

Katie and Sophia put on the horse and duck visors that was included in the box. Then they got to dance to the music for a farm animal hoedown. They had lots of fun and thought the music was silly.


Farm Animal Puzzle

I had to pull out our Melissa and Doug farm animal puzzle for Elizabeth to do. She loves doing this puzzle and I thought it would be a perfect activity to go along with this box.

Overall Thoughts

Overall, this Kids Night In Box was a whole lot of fun! My girls especially loved the book, creating the farm animals out of the egg cartons, and eating the fun snack. They are excited for another box again. I asked them what they thought would be a fun theme for another box. Katie said butterflies and ladybugs and unicorns. Sophia said dinosaurs.

Do you think that your kids would enjoy the Kids Night In Box? Because I know they would! My girls range between 2 and 6 years old and they all had a blast.

Now it’s your turn to order your own monthly subscription box for your kids. Check out Kids Night In Box for yourself – your kids will love it!

This post is part of a post series called Life of Parenthood, which is on the subject of parenting. I’ll talk about any adventures we have with our girls to motherhood experiences to fun and games for children to featuring mommy bloggers.

31 thoughts on “Kids Night In Box: Day at the Farm

  1. Wow these boxes look like so much fun for kids! My little one is a bit young for them but will definitely think about this for the future

  2. This definitely sounds fun and i am totally impressed with the box…It has loads of exciting activities and definitely looks entertaining for a group too .I am sure my 3 year daughter would love doing with her friends

  3. I need this box for my children, and those pig bagels are just too cute! So much fun!!!! My children are really into stickers right now!

  4. Those pig bagels are super cute! The kit sounds like a lot of fun and a great way to keep kids busy. I like how many activities there are.

  5. I love how this was perfect for their ages! I can see my kids getting really excited about this!

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