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Raise your hand if you love to clean! My guess is many of you didn’t raise your hand. Me included. But we know it has to be done.

I will be writing a post on cleaning tips, but I first want to focus on the storage space for cleaning supplies.

When it comes to cleaning, you probably have lots of cleaning supplies scattered all over your house. What is the best way to organize them?

I have some tips for you from Better Homes and Gardens of ways to keep your cleaning supplies space neat and tidy.

1. Store your supplies in baskets so it’s easy to carry them around the house while you clean.

2. Label shelving and/or baskets into categories such as dust, scrub, and mop.

3. Cleaning supplies don’t always have to be stored in dull looking baskets. Store them in stylish baskets instead.

4. Store supplies on a pull out drawer in a cabinet for easy access.

5. Keep supplies contained. Place items such as scrubbers and rags in a container with pull out drawers.

How do you store your cleaning supplies? Is your storage space neat and tidy or a scattered mess?

Try out some of these tips for your cleaning supplies storage space.

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