For the Home

Cleaning Tips


Who would love some cleaning tips to take their home from dingy to dazzling?  I know you do. Who wouldn’t want their house to look spotless?

I found some cleaning tips on Better Homes and Gardens from cleaning experts. Plus these tips are quick and easy to do.

1. Easy way to clean fans. Take an old pillow case and put it on each fan blade and wipe the top with one hand. The dust will fall into the pillow case instead of getting all over the floor.

2. Pick a pattern when cleaning such as top to bottom and left to right. That way you don’t have to backtrack.

3. Steam cleans. Place a glass measuring cup filled with water in the microwave and heat it for one minute. The food that was stuck on the microwave will now be easy to wipe off.

4. Divide to conquer. Separate different cleaning tasks to multiple days. It’s easier to manage cleaning in smaller chunks.

Hope these tips help you whenever you are cleaning your house. I know it will help me.

What cleaning tips do you have? I would love to hear them.

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