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Spring Fashion Wishlist


Spring is almost here, but it seems like it is taking a long time to arrive. I’m tired of Winter and the cold weather. I’m ready for warmer weather. How about you?

Since Spring is coming, I’ve been thinking of my Spring fashion wishlist. I’m slowly adding new items to my wardrobe. I’ve gotten rid of lots of my clothes and shoes. Some items no longer fit me, some items I’ve had since high school, and some items are no longer my style anymore. I wanted to get out of the ‘junior’ look and look more like a women.

Last Summer, since I wasn’t pregnant again, I really looked forward to buying new items for my closet! I found myself couple colored skinny jeans, which I can’t wait to wear again this Spring. I found lots of shirts, including some with lace. I found two pairs of flats, a gold pair and a blue pair with white polka dots, which are favorite flats.

For my wishlist this Spring, I want to find myself a pair of salmon colored skinny jeans, a pair of pants with polka dots, several unique looking tops, a colored pair of flats, and a pair of leopard flats.






What is on your Spring fashion wishlist? Let’s start shopping and get ready for Spring!

7 thoughts on “Spring Fashion Wishlist

  1. Hi, I stumbled here but ended up reading for last 1 hour.

    Love what you are doing, your posts and I have nominated this blog for the Liebster Award for bloggers. But you need to also further nominate your fav blogs. Read about rules here.

    And keep updating the blog….

  2. I definitely need a new pair or two of flats, my good ones are all starting to look a bit worn. I would also love a pair of colored pants, I just haven’t decided what color…but those salmon/coral ones you posted are adorable!

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