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Best Friends


Today continues the All You  Need is Love Project by Shugar Love. This week’s topic is: How do you show someone you love them? Check out last week’s topic.

I wanted to focus this question on the relationship between my daughter, Katie, and our cat, Amigo. She loves Amigo so much. They are truly best friends.

Amigo came into Katie’s life when he showed up on our doorstep in October 2012 – couple weeks before Katie’s 1st birthday. We named him Amigo, because he wanted to be everybody’s friend.


Katie got attached to Amigo and wanted to spend a lot of time with him. She loved to cuddle with him and sometimes it might have been too much. But Amigo didn’t care. I think he liked the attention from Katie. They even looked outside the window together at times. Or sometimes they relaxed together while hanging out.






Katie and Amigo have been best friends for over a year now and will continue to have lots of fun together.

Are your pets best friends with your kids?

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