Apples Galore + Link Up

Meal Monday is a weekly post series on the subject of food. I’ll talk about my love for food to sharing recipes that I love cooking to food tips.


When I saw ‘apples galore,’ I definitely mean it. I have lots of apples. I received two big bags full of apples from my Mother-in-law, who has apple trees.

I have a big bowl of apples and several serving plates of apples. I placed this white plate of apples on my dining room table for a centerpiece. I thought I would decorate my dining table with the apples.


I know that I won’t be able to eat all of these apples, so I’m going to cut up a bunch of apples and freeze them. Then I’ll use those cut up apples in baking.

I’ve thought of several ideas of what to bake, such as muffins. But what else should I bake?

This is where you come in. I would love to get your ideas.

What are your favorite apple recipes?

Link up your apple recipes below.

3 thoughts on “Apples Galore + Link Up

  1. Oh those bunch of apples would be gone in about three days at our house. My youngest son is an apple monster and will eat 3 apples in one day if I let him 🙂 I don’t have any apple recipes to share at the moment, but excited to see what others link up.

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