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Fall Decorations 2014

Tidy Tuesday is a weekly post series on the subject of home. I’ll talk about any remodeling/decorating of my house to tips to help you get your house organized to decorating tips to featuring home bloggers.


When do you decorate for Fall? Do you decorate for a general Fall theme or do you change it up for Halloween and Thanksgiving? Most of my decor for Fall is of pumpkins and leaves and I add the color orange to my decor colors. Majority of my Fall decor is from my Mother-in-law. Each year, I like to change up my decor little bit from the year before. Plus I like to add to my Fall decor collection.

In my entryway, I have couple stools with scarecrows on one stool and a picture of my daughter Katie when she about 7 months old. Also in my entryway, I have a jack-o-lantern wreath on the door of my coat closet.






As you step out of my entryway, I have an end table at the bottom of the stairs. The table has several vases with fake Fall leaves in the taller white vase. On my wall next to my entryway, I have couple pictures of my girls while at the Pumpkin Patch last year. Katie was almost 2 years old and Sophia was about 7 months old.







In my living room is my built-in bookshelf. You can see what it looked like before I painted it and how I decorate it throughout the year here. I like to keep a majority of my decor on my bookshelf and add Fall decor to the shelves. One of my favorites is the new potpourri I bought at TJ Maxx. The potpourri mix is filled with balls, Fall leaves, corn, pumpkins, and other things.






Also in my living room is my 5-tier shelf. I moved this shelf from the left side of my couch to the right side. I wanted to make more room for toys on the left side of my couch.





This area (next to my dining room table) I recently changed up this past week. I really love how the look turned out. I placed the rug underneath the table since I didn’t like people stepping on it anyways.



On my dining room table, I placed two pumpkins (from my Mother-in-law this year) in the center and added fake Fall leaves around them. Next to my dining room table is my hutch. On the top of the hutch I placed a set of four jack-o-lanterns with couple pictures of my girls.





In my kitchen, I have a pumpkin bowl with a lid in the corner of one of my counters. I place my oranges or apples in the pumpkin. I placed a white serving tray underneath the pumpkin bowl to set other fruit on it.


What do you think of my fall decor? What piece of decor is your favorite?

15 thoughts on “Fall Decorations 2014

  1. Looks great!! I really liked the small black table with the black mirror above it. The decor is simple, but appropriate! 🙂

  2. I love how you used simply pieces to really bring make certain areas pop! All we have for now is a glitter gold pumpkin my daughter made at school and two paper pumpkins from the kid’s last party. 🙂

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