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Guest Post: Why Now is a Perfect Time for Swimming Lessons

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Here is Kaitlin’s guest post. Enjoy! Don’t forget to visit her blog at An Apple Per Day.

It’s the fall, and thoughts turn to football, getting the kids to school on time, and maybe raking some leaves. So why would you think about signing your child up for swim lessons now? It sounds unusual, but after some thought – the fall could be a perfect time to have your child learn to swim.

Why not the summer? If you were an 8 year old kid, would you rather be playing around the neighborhood with your friends, or taking swimming lessons? The kids have been in school all year long, and they have finally gotten out for the summer. They just want to play. Anything that resembles school is going to make them get that “bit a lemon” look on their face. Can you really blame them? You’re cutting into one of their most fun times of the year. Besides, you might want a break from shuttling the kids to school activities yourself. So why not just let the summer be about fun and give everyone a break.

Here are some great resources with more information about swimming lessons for kids:

Why is the fall good? Once the kids are back in school, everyone in the family is in the school routine. Mom is taking the kids to school and after school activities. The kids have the mindset of sitting in class and completing assignments. A lesson after school fits right into this routine. Your child will be used to following directions, and will more readily pay attention to what the swim instructor is telling them. The whole idea of fall swim lessons now has a very natural flow to it.

Looking ahead. If you want your child to be ready for the pool by next summer, get the lessons underway now. You can tell your child that if they take lessons now, they’ll be well prepared to splash and play at the community pool next summer. “Don’t you want to be able to swim with your friends?” will be a strong motivator. If some of their friends are also taking lessons in the fall – that makes it even better. When your child is taking swim lessons he may gripe about it – he’d rather play with his buddies. But after the lessons are over, he will have a confidence around the water that will be readily apparent when it is swimming weather again.

The necessity of lessons. The Center For Disease Control states that drowning is one of the biggest causes of death for children in the US. The Center also reports that formal swimming lessons for children can reduce the risk of drowning by up to 88 percent. These statements point out the importance of swim lessons – it’s not something that a parent wants to get around to when they can fit it into the schedule. By starting early – not waiting until next summer – you will be providing a safety measure of tremendous importance for your child.

A lifetime skill. Swimming is a skill that will prove handy many times over the course of a lifetime. There will be family vacations, possibly beach trips, pool parties, and many occasions where the ability to swim will come in handy. Those skills will assure that your child doesn’t have to sit on the sidelines if they are invited to a pool party.

It’s next summer and you sit by the community pool, watching your child romping and playing in the water. You smile, knowing you have well prepared him for a lifetime of safely enjoying the fun water has to offer.

Kaitlin Gardner started An Apple Per Day to explore her passion for a green living lifestyle, and healthy family living. She and her husband have just moved to rural Pennsylvania, where they enjoy exploring the countryside to discover interesting and out of the way places. She is also learning how to paint watercolors.

When do you normally start swimming lessons? Do you like the idea of doing it in the fall instead of the summer?

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  1. I never thought of this, but that is probably the point. I also bet the instructors would have a less busy schedule and this would work out great. I only worry about the weather here in DC. He would have to be completely dry before leaving.

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