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Christmas Decorations 2014

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Christmas is just around the corner. Are you ready? I’m waiting for several packages to come in the mail. Plus my husband and I have to buy couple other gifts. I still haven’t wrapped gifts yet, but I do have all of my wrapping paper, ribbon, and tags.

Today I am going to share with you some Christmas decorations in my home. It is so fun to decorate for Christmas. You can see how I decorated my home last year for Christmas here. I have added few new decor items to my Christmas supply.

Welcome to my home! Here is my front door with a berry wreath hanging. This year I couldn’t put up my bigger wreath on the front door since we put in a screen door this Fall. This berry wreath works just as fine. It looks great against my black door.


In my entryway, I have several white sparkly tree I bought last year at Real Deals. Also as you can see in the reflection of the mirror, I have a silver wreath on my entryway closet door.


At the bottom of the stairs are our Christmas stockings. This year we bought Katie and Sophia new stockings at Target. We had to get Elsa and Anna stockings since they love Frozen.




Upstairs in the hallway is a Christmas tree. We decided to buy Katie and Sophia a Christmas tree this year to place by their room. We bought the tree and ornaments at Walmart. We went with a pink, purple, and blue color theme. Katie loved helping me decorate the tree. I didn’t buy a tree skirt for the tree. I used a pink baby blanket. Next to the tree is an end table with Christmas books displayed on top. My girls will be getting couple other Christmas books this year to add to their collection.








In my living room, next to the stairs is where I display my Christmas tree. I bought three large sparkly snowflakes in green, red, and silver from Walmart plus few other sparkly ornaments from the Dollar Store. This year I added the berry garland on my tree instead of around my dining room lights and on top of my hutch. As I said before, I don’t have my presents wrapped yet. I’ll have everything wrapped in about a week and I’ll share with you what I used for my wrapping supplies. This year I bought a new tree skirt from TJ Maxx. I love the snowflakes on the tree skirt and the sparkle on the material.





I bought couple new gray sparkly pillows from TJ Maxx to place on my couch. The pillows matches my new tree skirt. Next to my couch is my 5-tier book shelf. I placed delicate ornaments on the shelf and in a bowl along with several other Christmas decor.





Next to my Christmas tree is my built-in bookshelf. I love decorating these shelves. I bought couple silver sparkly bells from the Dollar Store to place on the bookshelf. I added several pine cones we found this Fall on a walk. I also added Katie’s new year 3 album on one of the shelves.





On the door to the office, I placed the wreath I usually put on my front door.



Next to my dining room table is a table and mirror with some decor on the table. Also next to my dining room table is my hutch. On top of the hutch are couple pictures of my girls along with letters that spell joy. In my hutch, I store my Christmas dishes. On my dining room table, I have a bowl of delicate ornaments.






Thanks for viewing my Christmas decorations in my home! Hope you enjoyed the pictures.

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