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Comfort and Style for your Bedroom


How comfortable is your bed? Does it feel good to crawl into bed at night? Do you get a good night’s sleep?

Having a comfortable bed to sleep in makes all the difference in get a good night’s sleep.

Below are 3 ways to make your bed more comfortable.

3 Ways to Make Your Bed More Comfortable

1. A good mattress. It all starts with a good mattress. If you have an older mattress, the rest won’t help as much. We upgraded to a king bed couple years ago and the king mattress is so comfortable. I had the luxury of sleeping on the new mattress when I was pregnant with Elizabeth.

2. A comfortable pillow. Whether you like a hard or soft pillow, pick one that feels the best for head to lay on. My pillow is comfortable and I have a certain spot on the pillow that feels the most comfortable. Is it that way for you too on your pillow? My husband actually likes my pillow better than his. I chose a stomach/side sleeper type of pillow.

3. A cozy comfortable. The material should be nice and soft. The comfortable should be comfortable to relax on top and to cozy up at night time.

Besides comfort, what else do you look for in a bed? What type of style do you go for?

I go for more of a neutral style. I love black, gray, and white colors on my bed. I’ll add a pop of gold, silver, and red to my bedroom.

I found some real life bedroom styles on Better Homes & Gardens, which inspired me to write this post.

Below are 5 bedroom styles to inspire you for your own bedroom.

5 Bedroom Styles to Inspire

1. Pretty in Pink. This bedroom would be a great girl’s room. I love the light pink in the space along with white and pops of gold. The flowers adds an extra touch to the bedroom. How cool is that light, by the way? Looks like something from Ikea.

2. Modern Comfort. I love the red floral comforter and floral pillows. The set adds that pop the bedroom needs.

3. Pleasing Palette. I love how the gold and blue go well together in the bedroom. I especially love the stools at the end of the bed.

4. Great Grays. I love how clean this bedroom looks. This space is filled with light gray and white with a pop of the dark wood from the headboard and the side tables.

5. Sophisticated & Cool. I love the pop of purple and teal in the bedroom. I also love the black and white pillow.

Which bedroom style is your favorite? What type of style do you love for your bedroom? Is your bedroom filled with comfort?

This post is part of a post series called For the Home, which is on the subject of home. I’ll talk about any remodeling/decorating of my house to tips to help you get your house organized to decorating tips to featuring home bloggers.

26 thoughts on “Comfort and Style for your Bedroom

    1. I hate sleeping on pillows in hotel rooms most of the time. Usually they are two small and the material goes too flat when your head lays on it. Or vis versa, the pillow is too hard.

  1. We are in the middle of a bedroom remodel ourselves! I have scoured the Internet and magazines for designs I like. I am kind of a farmhouse chic girl myself with as many re-purposed finds as the room can stand! I did paint the walls “Coastal Village” by Valspar and love the neutral grey/brown color!

  2. So important to have a good mattress! With having chronic pain, it is vital to have soft support. Some beautiful bedrooms in your post! And soft bedding. Ahhh…

    My style is eclectic, I’m a shabby chic girl but alas my husband is a classic conservative! So I do consider his taste, but we have a low four poster antique brass bed with ceramic inserts which is high off the floor, he loves it because he is 6’2 & doesn’t have to bend down low to get in & out of bed with his arthritis.
    Great post!

    1. I’m actually lying in my bed while replying to your comment. Lol All nice and warm in my blankets. We don’t have a headboard on our bed yet. That is definitely on our list.

  3. I absolutely love the décor in these various bedroom set ups! I’ve been thinking of adding a nice faux fur throw over the bottom of my own bed.

  4. I have been trying to plan out what I want for the master bedroom for a year now. I have also been on the hunt for some bedside tables or nightstands because we both need places for our glasses and such.

  5. A new mattress seriously makes the BIGGEST difference! I really need to invest in a new pillow. When we move in a few weeks, I see a bedroom remodel coming!! Definitely love the combo of grays & I throw in a little pink and drive my hubby crazy haha!

  6. I love “great grays!” I’m such a fan of white and gray all over, with pops of color. We have a gray room with some yellow, but I’m a little over it (a little too much dark gray) – I’m wanting something a little more light. Thanks for these inspirations!

    1. I like my bedroom looking clean and neutral too. We have more to do in our bedroom as well. Somehow pieces from a crib ended up in our bedroom. I’m in the process of removing anything that doesn’t need to be in there, including clothes that are too small for my girls.

  7. I’m intrigued by the side sleeper/stomach sleeper types of pillows you mentioned. Are there specific ones you recommend for this? I like the fourth bedroom you listed. Very classic and glamorous.

  8. I love bed linens! I have to have good sheets on our bed and have specific pillows I sleep with…my husband has his that he sleeps with! I love all the different bedroom inspirations you found!

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