Elizabeth is Now 2 Years Old

My daughter Elizabeth is now two years old. It’s hard to believe. She turned two towards the end of April.

Elizabeth had a great birthday and Peppa Pig birthday party. All on the same day. I’ll share with you in a later post on how I decorated my house for the Peppa Pig party.

Today I’m looking back on the day Elizabeth was born. Or even the week before she was born.

I was 40 weeks pregnant and was ready to be done. I did everything I could to get labor going – I walked throughout the mall, ate spicy food, etc. Elizabeth didn’t want to come. I guess she was all cozy. This is me at 36 weeks and 39 weeks pregnant with Elizabeth.


After being six days past my due date, I went to the hospital to get induced. I went in the afternoon and things didn’t really start going until couple hours later. In the evening, my doctor ended up breaking my water and contractions got even more intense. I got an epidural late at night, which helped me relax more and focus on the contractions. We weren’t sure if she was going to be born on the 20th or the 21st. Elizabeth decided to come into the world around 2 am on the 21st.

Fun fact: Elizabeth shares a birthday with Queen Elizabeth II.

Fast forward, Elizabeth is now 2 years old. I love it when she is silly. She has her times when she has an attitude. But then that’s a typical toddler. Elizabeth loves her two older sisters, Katie and Sophia. She looks up to them. She’ll even copy what they do. For instance, Sophia said to me, “Bye M&M guy!” when she was leaving for school one day. I was wearing a Colorado shirt and she thought the c and the circle looked like a M&M.  Now Elizabeth says that to me. Even last night when I was trying to get her to sleep, she said, “Bye M&M guy!” I couldn’t help but laugh, which made her say it again. So funny. Kids do say the silliest things.

Elizabeth had a fun birthday. We started her day off with a Mickey Mouse waffle and blueberries. She played a game on the iPad with her sister Katie. Before Elizabeth’s birthday party, we went to McDonald’s for lunch. She had a cheeseburger Happy Meal along with a mini ice cream cone. Elizabeth had fun playing with her new toys she opened from her birthday party. She had mac and cheese, an apple, and a small treat of Spring M&Ms. Overall, her birthday and party were a success.



This post is part of a post series called Life of Parenthood, which is on the subject of parenting. I’ll talk about any adventures we have with our girls to motherhood experiences to fun and games for children to featuring mommy bloggers.

14 thoughts on “Elizabeth is Now 2 Years Old

  1. They grow so fast! 2 is so much fun, because they can really start to do fun stuff, run around and explore. Hopefully not too much as far as terrible twos!

  2. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl. Doesn’t time fly by? My son is 10 I can’t believe it!

  3. Awww happy birthday to your sweet baby girl!!! She’s beautiful! And sounds like she had such a fun and amazing birthday!

  4. Gosh it just flies by right? Looks like she’s growing into a sweet little lady. Congrats on surviving the first two years ❤ Jamie

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