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Valentine Decorations 2018

Welcome to my home! I have all of my Christmas decorations put away. I left my winter themed decorations up and added my Valentine decorations. Do you have any Valentine decorations up yet?

Let’s start out the tour of my home with my front door. I found this heart wreath at Kohl’s and loved it! I didn’t have a wreath for my door yet, so I had to get it. I love how the wreath looks on my black door.

As you step into my house, there is a window sill next to the stairs. I hang a simple xoxo sign on the window. I found the sign at Target last year. I want to add more to this area, but I haven’t decided what yet. What do you think I should add?

Let’s enter my living room. In front of my couch is a 5-tier shelf along with a radiator cover. The first three shelves are designated for each girl. Katie and Sophia has their school pictures displayed. The pictures of Elizabeth are from our Valentine photoshoot with my husband last year. The Valentine signs are all from Target. The arrow sign I bought this year. I kept up the snowflakes on the window and added the flowers from Ikea in the vase.

As you turn around, you see my couch and my built-in bookshelves. I switched out my pillows on my couch to add a pop of red. Do you like to change up the look of your couch by switching pillows throughout the year? Behind my couch is my built-in bookshelf. I added Valentine decor along with pictures, books, and other decor. The boxed heart signs and arrow is also from Target. I have all three of my girls’ photobooks displayed on the shelf. I made Katie’s book at the end of November. Sophia will be 5 in February and Elizabeth will be 2 in April. The glitter red hearts are from the Dollar Tree. On the shelves are wooden red heart flowers in a pot made by Katie and Sophia at Lowe’s Build and Grow several years ago.

Update: I painted a heart artwork and added it to my built-in bookshelf in my living room. You can see more of the heart painting in my Heart Artwork post.

Beside my couch is a 6-cubed shelf where I store some of my girls’ toys. I have three white trees with a snowflake sign on top of the shelf along with a cute picture of Sophia when she was a baby and a heart. I thought that picture was perfect since she has a heart on her shirt.

On my dining room table, I have a bowl with red and white balls. The balls are from Home Goods couple years ago.

In between my living room and dining room, I have framed handprint art displayed on the wall. These pictures are from the past couple years for Valentine’s. We still need to made a new artwork for this year. I’ll post it as soon as we make it.

Update: We made our handprint art for this year and now have it with our other handprint paintings. You can check out more about our lady bug handprint art here.

In a corner of the office, there are framed painted artworks made by Katie and Sophia. We’re going to make new pictures to add to this area made by all three girls. The inspire and create signs are from Target.

Update: My girls painted their Valentine artwork for this year and it is now displayed in our office with their other paintings. You can check out more about the Love art here.

Now to the last area of my house, my kitchen. I placed pink ribbon inside a cake stand for a fun pop of pink. On the cabinet next to my window, I hung two heart printables that I found on Pinterest. The top watercolor heart picture was created by Creative Cain Cabin. The second watercolor heart picture was created by This Heart of Mine.

On top of my microwave, I have couple recipe containers in a tray along with my daily planner and a cup with pink and red hearts. The recipe containers are from Target and the hearts are from the Dollar Tree. I wanted a simple area to store my recipes while adding a touch of a Valentine theme.

I kept my snowman up from Christmas. On couple of the sides of my cabinets are winter and Valentine themed craft artworks made by Katie and Sophia at home and school. I also displayed on the cabinets past Valentine cards made by my girls. I love Katie’s snowmen artworks she made at Preschool last year. There are couple Christmas artworks still on the wall since Katie and Sophia brought them home this week and I wanted to hang them up. I really love Sophia’s gingerbread man she made at Preschool this year. The kitty made out of hearts is from Katie’s Valentine bag last year. On my coffee chalkboard, I added the word love along with hearts.

What do you think of my Valentine decorations? What is your favorite part? Have I inspired you to decorate your home for Valentine’s now?

This post is part of a post series called For the Home, which is on the subject of home. I’ll talk about any remodeling/decorating of my house to tips to help you get your house organized to decorating tips to featuring home bloggers.

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