Reasons to Take a Blogging Break

Do you ever taking a blogging break?

I have decided to take a blogging break this week. There will not be any new posts this week.

Below are some reasons to take a blogging break.

1. Simply take a break. Sometimes you need to take a break. Just like I said in my Take Care of Yourself post, it is important to do things for yourself, like take a break. Take a day to have nothing on your agenda. Give yourself a recharge for the week. Just like any job, you need to take a vacation. I took my day on Sunday and didn’t have much of an agenda. Plus I didn’t feel well, so I took a nap that afternoon. The nap helped me feel more refreshed.

2. Spend extra time with your family. With Easter coming up, it’s important to spend extra time with your family. Go somewhere special with them, have a fun movie night, etc. My girls are growing up fast and I want to spend this week going fun things with them. I took some extra time with my girls this weekend and we watched a fun cooking show on Netflix called Nailed It. My daughter Sophia loved it when the people had to bake a volcano cake with dinosaurs.

3. Get things done. Sometimes there are just things that need to get done. Cleaning and organizing your home, blogging edits behind the scene, etc. I want to get some things done in my home this week. I want to spend this week getting some extra cleaning and organizing done plus I need to get our taxes done. I do our own taxes and I haven’t finished it yet. So my goal is get most of our taxes done this week.

Do you ever take a breaking in blogging? What are your reasons to take a break?

19 thoughts on “Reasons to Take a Blogging Break

  1. I agree. It’s so important to take a break from blogging just as it would be any job. And let’s face it, blogging is a full-time job. Enjoy your break. You deserve it!

  2. This is a busy time of year for sure. Blogging definitely has a way of sucking us in and taking up time. Trying to find that balance is a never ending task…lots of waking up early or going to sleep late! I think taking a week off is a great idea!

  3. I totally agree! I am new to blogging and I will definitely take this advice. I think it will keep things from getting stale and the times away will inspire new life each time I begin again no matter if its 1 day off or a week!

  4. I felt overwhelmed last year when I started my blog trying to make content and post frequently. I felt burnt out. Now that my blog is a year old I have learned to take things slow and came up with a schedule that works for me. Those scheduling services also help. I do plan on taking a break once my twins arrive.

  5. Yes! Sometimes blogging breaks are definitely needed. I took an unintentional break last week because I got sick, but I’ve definitely taken them before just to rest and recharge, or to enjoy life or get stuff done. šŸ™‚

  6. I have yet to feel the need to take a break, but that may be due to the way I create content. I’ll spend a few days creating a few week’s worth of posts so I am prepared, and it’s usually for a few week’s in advance. That way, I can edit, re-do, or completely change anything that I don’t like and still have plenty of time before each post goes live – and, if I like everything the way it is, then I have a few days or even weeks to rest before I need to create more content!

  7. Totally agree that sometimes a well timed blogging break can be super refreshing and helps you get inspired again! I’ve taken a few and found myself ITCHING to get back into it! It’s amazing when you stop doing it how you realize how much you love it!

  8. I like to stop and take a break when I hit a rut while writing a post! Sometimes just doing the dishes or folding laundry helps me refocus my mind!

  9. Unfortunately for me, I never can. It’s my sole business so I have to be on it, constantly. If I want the break I have to do 3 times the work load before I leave for a holiday, ha ha. Sometimes it would be great to just take time off though without worrying, I hope you enjoy your time spent with family!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

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