Daughter + Mommy Time

Do you have kids that stay home while other kids are at school? Do those kids have trouble not being able to do the same things as them? My daughter Sophia has had a tough time recently. She sees how much fun her sister Katie is having since she started Kindergarten. Katie has been to… Continue reading Daughter + Mommy Time


What Makes Kids Happy?

What makes kids happy? What do you do with your kids that they enjoy doing? Sometimes it can be just the simplest things. Just spending time with them. You don't always have to do something with them, as long as they know you are there. I was inspired to write this post from an article… Continue reading What Makes Kids Happy?

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Baking Valentine Heart Sugar Cookies Together

Do you love baking? Do you let your kids bake with you? This weekend I wanted to bake Valentine heart shaped sugar cookies. I didn't get a chance to bake any sugar cookies during Christmas time, so I wanted to do it for Valentine's Day. I didn't want to bake alone; I wanted my girls… Continue reading Baking Valentine Heart Sugar Cookies Together

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Hot Chocolate Station Area

Who loves hot chocolate? What kind is your favorite - regular, peppermint, etc? I've been surfing Pinterest and I saw several ideas for hot chocolate station areas.¬†I saw one idea for a station with a three-tier round stand. After seeing the stand and the other ideas, I was inspired to create my own hot chocolate… Continue reading Hot Chocolate Station Area